'Dunn' (because nobody's perfect):

the psychological suspense novel by Kay Jay



Aidan Dunn

Aidan Dunn is a man driven by money and power – he just doesn’t have any.  What he does have - he thinks - is charm.  He’s been honing his manipulation skills as a charity collector for years, earning enough commission to rent a bedsit and keep him in lager. But it’s time for bigger and better things.  He needs a break or a meal ticket. 

Rich, vulnerable looking Sophie Harris could be the answer.   


The problem is, Sophie seems immune to his charms. 

When she isn’t at work, she spends her time at a group which she won’t tell him about.  Worse still, she won’t commit to seeing him.  It’s infuriating and addictive, so when Sophie finally seems to melt and asks him to come with her to a Salvation program meeting, Aidan is putty in her hands. 

Because nobody's perfect

 At the meeting, ex-model front woman, Yvette Blake, and the program’s charismatic founder, doctor Jeffers, seem to be offering the route to money and power that Aidan seeks.  All he has to do is climb the ladder and become a ‘Savior’ with the chance of securing a lucrative ‘Salvation program’ franchise. 

The problem is, it costs too much.  Fortunately, Sophie is willing to pay for him.  She needs recruits to progress in the program, so what has Aidan got to lose?  Nothing but his sanity, his freedom and his chance of true love with fellow initiate, Lizzie.

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