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When I'm not being a mum, working, or writing, I am a keen runner and open water swimmer.  I live on the coast, so swim in the sea regularly from May to October and have a weekly, wetsuited dip with a hardcore, non-wetsuit friend throughout the winter.  I love swimming, but I am totally addicted to running.  I took it up at age 36 to lose maternity leave weight, and have since completed around fifteen half marathons; eight triathlons and two marathons.  I'm currently training for a 5km lake/river swim and an October half marathon after recurrent hamstring injuries put paid to my third Marathon this year!  I'm hoping to train and complete my third marathon in Spring 2019, aiming to run it in a time that will qualify me for next year's London marathon - I was a few minutes too slow in my second marathon so fingers crossed, that's achievable.  My long-term goal is qualification for the Boston marathon and maybe the other majors, but who knows if I'll manage that. I'm a way off but you don't know unless you try..... 

The Longhand Chronicles

My latest novel is part of a trilogy and it is totally different to 'Dunn'.  It's an urban fantasy/adventure, loosely based on Celtic mythology.  I am currently working on draft two of the first book 'The Raven's test'.  The first draft of this novel is available on Wattpad, under its working title 'The Seagull', and you can access it for free by signing up to Wattpad.  Details and a link can be accessed through the 'Novels in progress' tab. I have also started draft one of book two, 'The Host And The Oak Tree'.  


I had the idea for Dunn years ago when someone I knew had a friend who got involved in a similar cult.  I started researching and writing the first incarnation of the novel then, whilst teaching English in China, but came back and changed most of it after my son was born.   The beginning and the ending are now totally different thanks to guidance from an award-winning author and playwright who has basically tutored me.  My writing has developed a lot thanks to Todd, and I am now really happy with Dunn.  It's ready to go.  I hope you will enjoy it.  You can read chapter one as a PDF on the 'Published books' tab.  Chapter two is available to subscribers as well.

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