By Kay Jay

'The Raven's test' is the first book in an urban fantasy/adventure trilogy, loosely based on Celtic (mostly Irish) mythology.  I loved writing the first draft of book one and I'm currently working on draft two.  I have also started draft one of book two - 'The Host and The Oak Tree'.  Book one is complete and available free under it's working title 'The Seagull' on Wattpad. The first draft of book two is underway there too, though new chapters are a bit sporadic as my focus is on draft two of book one at the moment. The link is below.  Please also subscribe on the subscriptions page for freebies and updates.

Louis Longford has no idea that he is an incarnation of the Celtic sun god, Lugh.  He has no idea that he is the grandson of Balor - the being responsible for the demise of planet earth, the enchantment of the humans that live on it, and the death of his father.  So, when he is abducted by the sea god Mannanan Mac Lir and told that he is the planet's last hope, he has no idea where to start. 


Fortunately, the Morrigan - goddess of death and war may be interested in helping.  Her idea of 'helping' is interesting ... if he fails, she will send Louis back to the Nothingland and kill all the humans - but at least she's willing not to dispatch him on sight this incarnation. 


In part one of 'The Longhand Chronicles', Louis needs to convince the Morrigan that he is strong enough to save planet earth this time.  His last incarnations have been far from that, and this time she wants proof he's up to the job.  How does she want him to start?  By finding Balor’s daughter - the mother he has never met and convincing her to help him to break Balor's spell.

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